How Digital Transformation is helping small businesses

How Digital Transformation is helping small businesses

Social media has made a digital influencer community; the voice has brought instant delight and convenience for the customers. Effective use of digital transformation, cutting-edge innovation, and cloud has shown an aggressive path of success for small businesses.

How digital transformation has been helping small businesses

1. Streamlining functions with automation

Identify which administrative tasks you and your employees repeat often. Is there a manner to automate the responsibilities or streamline the process required to do them? For example, you can generate invoices and bills using an updated CRM and accounting software program to keep away accounting errors or use electronic mail to generate reviews on how your clients have interacted along with your campaigns.

2. Ensuring accuracy and prevent errors

Automating tedious tasks like managing business data can assist in reducing human error. You can use task and assignment control gear to assign and control tasks and deadlines, the feature allows you to make sure that you don’t leave any critical errors in your daily operations. Digitalization can assist your organization by taking away mistakes at each stage. Therefore, this will help you to increase accuracy and decrease rework.

3. Helps in making informed business decisions

In this digital world, where businesses are striving to be competitive, big data is a blessing. Data insights are the important drivers to get boom and success in the business. There is much analytical equipment that helps in analyzing, boosting, and examining the overall performance in the websites, advertising, and marketing campaigns in real-time. These insights assist small businesses to make knowledgeable selections based on totally what works properly and what doesn’t.

4. Saving time and money

Pennies saved are pennies earned, even for businesses with growth goals. Before taking over grand opportunities, remember how digital transformation may make present strategies inexpensive and easier. Digital transformation would help you to run everything on the cloud and seamlessly let you manage tasks on advanced CRM

5. Creating a collaborative environment

Every organization that undergoes a digital transformation, will accomplish it uniquely but all come away from the process with higher collaboration and cooperation. Using massive data and analytics assists you to make great knowledgeable selections on your business. You can easily use digital transformation for the latest thoughts and techniques.

Digital transformation is a valuable opportunity for businesses to leverage technology so that they can deliver a cutting-edge user experience to their customers. Advanced technologies have helped businesses to provide better, faster, and accurate customer services than ever before. Using advanced technologies such as chatbots can help the business save time and money by providing an easy way to interact with customers.

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The launch of Windows 11 benefits for South Africans

The launch of Windows 11 benefits for South Africans

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The next generation of Windows is here to help you get things done faster and more secure way. Are you ready?

Is it free?

Considering upgrading your PC to Windows 11? Windows 7 PCs must be running Service Pack 1 or higher. Windows 8 PCs must be running Update 1 or higher. Now with Windows 11, you’re able to upgrade your current PC for free, so the only thing stopping you from upgrading is your PC’s hardware. If you have a PC made in 2006 or later, and it’s running Windows 10, it meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. 

What it will offer

Windows 11 will offer a brand new Auto HDR feature that can automatically adjust the brightness of pixels, making your pictures look a lot better. This is expected to be available on all games that use DirectX 11 and DirectX 12.

With the help of DirectStorage, Windows 11 will also improve performance by drawing a clear line between device drivers and applications. The new OS will make it easier to interface with drives on your desktops and laptops. In addition to making clean lines between various components, DirectStorage will add SSD support. Improvement can be seen with a simple copy function or during various application use.

Android support is one of the biggest changes in Windows 11. Some reports have suggested that Microsoft could save developers’ time and resources by allowing them to develop a single operating system.

The Goal of Windows 11

The goal of the Windows 11 project is to make an operating system that will be familiar to users of Windows 10, but that is also more capable in the mobile world. It will, for example, support a continuum of devices and screen sizes and feature new interface navigation designed around touch. It will also run Android apps.

Upgrade to Windows 11 in the blink of an eye as soon as it launches. Windows 11 is just as fast and powerful as Windows 10 but with added improvements to security to help you feel safer on the web. Some other features include a new start menu and customizable themes.

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Protecting your company’s data in South Africa

Protecting your company’s data in South Africa

Cybercrime has become a steadily increasing problem in recent years. As businesses become more reliant on technology, companies also become more vulnerable to cyberattacks. But how can you prevent cybercrime whilst also fulfilling your responsibilities as a business owner…?

What is Cybercrime

When the term cybercrime comes to mind, what do you picture? In reality, this type of crime presents little threat to any business. When it comes to protecting your business from cybercrime, there are two important ways to think about the issue. First, that there are a variety of common and uncommon threats your company faces every day.


Digital Transformation Strategies

Digital Transformation Strategies

In today’s time, digital transformation has increasingly become a buzzword used to describe any new technology adopted by existing businesses. Despite this trend, in reality, digital transformation is a radical shift in how a company capitalizes on the opportunities that the tech industry provides.

A digital transformation fundamentally changes how businesses provide value to their customers and streamline their processes. It’s a reminder that materials and processes your company uses during day-to-day operations, no matter how big or small, might need a new medium technology.

Why do businesses undergo a digital transformation?

Simply put, things are often easier when they’re online. New technology makes website building more accessible and creates more opportunities for businesses to connect with their audiences. Digital technologies like websites allow organizations to interact with customers in a far broader way than before. These opportunities don’t just exist for large companies who can afford to build out large websites, but also for smaller businesses.

If you learn how to integrate digital little by little, in a way that is supporting your business’s goals and aligns with your existing workflows, then I call that success.

The dawn of the Internet and the advent of newer, more effective modes of communication such as instant messaging, social media, and email marketing have enabled companies to build closer customer relationships. With this, businesses are witnessing a shift towards digital processes that also enable them to conduct overall large-scale business tasks. Businesses everywhere are replacing conventional methods with online processes for better convenience, privacy, security, and quick execution of the processes.

Get more information about what digital transformation is.

Digital transformation strategies

Why do we need a transformation?

By understanding both the problems your business solves and the goals you hope to accomplish, you can create a plan that will be beneficial to your team. The right path Digital Roadmap is created for large businesses that want to step into the digital age and fully understand the challenges they face.

Your customer service team spends too much time logging all of your incoming calls and navigating a disorganized data storage system. With a lack of adequate knowledge, you are unable to make the underlying challenges more efficient and transparent for the customer. A digital transformation will help you identify these underlying challenges and allow you to provide your customers with a better experience.

What do I need to achieve to transform?

Digital transformation is the need to change for your business growth, technology with a process that has to work together both back and forward. Competing in a marketplace on future innovation is aggressive, new, demanding, and very quick to adopt new technology. So it is important to guess your customer’s needs in advance.

There are several solid metrics you can use to gauge whether the digital transformation initiatives your business is turning to have been effective or not. These include things like lead generation, engagement with content on social media, referral traffic, and signup conversion rates.

Research industry and market competitors

The online landscape makes it fairly easy to keep tabs on your competitors. This will allow you to understand what they’re doing to take advantage of their strengths and outdo their weaknesses. Conducting this analysis helps you develop an actionable plan that takes into account everything from your company’s mission statement to the latest features.

Research your local competitors and find out where they rank in their categories, and what success, if any, they have had in digital transformation. Armed with this information, you can formulate a plan for your business to succeed in these areas.

Create a budget

Creating a budget is an important step of the digital transformation process. Look at how much you currently spend on your IT infrastructure. Write those numbers down.

The goal of digital transformation isn’t to completely replace the existing tools, processes, and talent with new ones. Instead, the goal is to use new technology to augment existing workflows and systems as well as introduce entirely new processes and assets. Digital transformation budgets should address all possible expenses you’ll encounter throughout the process: software costs for transitional and permanent tools, any costs to hire new talent, employee training for new processes, and allocation of funds for any unexpected costs.

Govt announces digital transformation plans in response to 4IR

Communications and Digital Technologies Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams  told the media in Pretoria that they are embarking on a process of improving operational efficiencies in government entities

“We are currently finalising the business case and awaiting certification from the state law advisor and DPME (Department of Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation) with regards to re-purposing SITA (State Information Technology Agency) to create a state IT Company, as well as merging Sentech and Broadband Infraco to form the state digital infrastructure company. We are further engaging our counterparts to ensure that non-broadband SOEs that self-provide broadband such as Sanral, Prasa, Eskom, and Transnet are prohibited from entering the commercial broadband market to avoid state distorting a well-functioning liberalised market,” says Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.

To be successful in a digital age, businesses must adapt. The proper tools for digital transformation will be different for every business, but the end goal is always the same: to become agile, have an online presence wherever customers are buying, and be ready for whatever comes next.

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Lockdown inspires creation of farm produce marketplace

Lockdown inspires creation of farm produce marketplace

Digital transformation entrepreneur Gaone Tlhong has launched a farm produce online marketplace, which she says is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s severe impact on farmers and consumers.

Tlhong, a globally-acclaimed vitiligo advocate, says although agriculture falls under essential services during the national COVID-19-induced lockdown, the traditional selling of fresh farm produce has been severely impacted by restrictions. Although there are sufficient food supplies available at national level, access to farmers’ and fresh produce markets has become extremely difficult for some during the lockdown. (more…)