This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The next generation of Windows is here to help you get things done faster and more secure way. Are you ready?

Is it free?

Considering upgrading your PC to Windows 11? Windows 7 PCs must be running Service Pack 1 or higher. Windows 8 PCs must be running Update 1 or higher. Now with Windows 11, you’re able to upgrade your current PC for free, so the only thing stopping you from upgrading is your PC’s hardware. If you have a PC made in 2006 or later, and it’s running Windows 10, it meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. 

What it will offer

Windows 11 will offer a brand new Auto HDR feature that can automatically adjust the brightness of pixels, making your pictures look a lot better. This is expected to be available on all games that use DirectX 11 and DirectX 12.

With the help of DirectStorage, Windows 11 will also improve performance by drawing a clear line between device drivers and applications. The new OS will make it easier to interface with drives on your desktops and laptops. In addition to making clean lines between various components, DirectStorage will add SSD support. Improvement can be seen with a simple copy function or during various application use.

Android support is one of the biggest changes in Windows 11. Some reports have suggested that Microsoft could save developers’ time and resources by allowing them to develop a single operating system.

The Goal of Windows 11

The goal of the Windows 11 project is to make an operating system that will be familiar to users of Windows 10, but that is also more capable in the mobile world. It will, for example, support a continuum of devices and screen sizes and feature new interface navigation designed around touch. It will also run Android apps.

Upgrade to Windows 11 in the blink of an eye as soon as it launches. Windows 11 is just as fast and powerful as Windows 10 but with added improvements to security to help you feel safer on the web. Some other features include a new start menu and customizable themes.

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